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At Adventures Finding Treasure, we believe that every contribution, no matter the size, holds immense power. That's why we offer different sponsorship levels to accommodate various budgets and ensure that everyone can be part of our transformative journey. Choose the level that resonates with you and become a sponsor today!

🥉 Bronze Sponsorship - $4.99 🥉
By becoming a Bronze sponsor, you are making a significant difference. Your donation will help with all aspects of creating this website and youtube channel.

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As a Silver sponsor, you are taking your commitment to the next level. Your sponsorship empowers us to expand our reach and impact, creating sustainable videos that reach and entertain more people.

🥇 Gold Sponsorship - $19.99 🥇
The Gold sponsorship level represents the pinnacle of dedication and support. Your contribution at this level is instrumental in driving transformative initiatives on a larger scale.

No matter which sponsorship level you choose, your commitment to making a difference is greatly appreciated. As a sponsor, you become an integral part of our journey .

In recognition of your generosity, we offer exclusive benefits to our sponsors at each level, recognition on our website and listed on at least one Youtube video, with the satisfaction of knowing that you are part of something greater.

Select your sponsorship level now and start making a difference! 

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